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business for good

Responsibility, sustainability, whatever you want to call it, it's something we care a lot about. To us, there is no better life than one surrounded by nature, so we believe it is our duty to do all we can to preserve it.

We know that its no simple task and that there are many parts to building a more environmentally-focused business, but we believe our passion for the outdoors, our self-enforced Day 1 Principles, and the sharing of our current progress will help us in our journey.

And we're always open to our followers submitting new ideas.

Day 1 Principles

From our beginning, we have set out three overriding principles that must guide our future actions in order to maintain and uphold our commitment to becoming a better company in all of our environmental and everyday actions. We also hope that all our peers and supporters can be inspired by these principles and use them to guide their own future actions.

1. Every action counts

We know its no easy undertaking to save the planet. It's easy to feel hopeless with efforts such as recycling, when we see companies and individuals seemingly paying no care at all. But a large number of small actions and a firm refusal to give up can have a very powerful effect when we instil it as our belief and encourage others to do the same. That's why no matter how big or small, every positive step makes a difference.

2. We can always do better

The unfortunate reality is that virtually no businesses can yet call themselves truly sustainable, and we are no exception. That's why we recognise that there will always be more that can be done, no matter how much progress we make, both in improving our own operations and encouraging others to improve theirs. We know there will always be new environmental challenges facing us, which will require a persistent commitment to change for the better.

3. Make ourselves proud

If the other two principles don't already get us to this stage, then we should ensure we are doing what makes us feel proud about our contribution to protecting the environment. We should feel proud to tell people what we do - and if we don't, then we need to change something. This will have even greater effect by encouraging and inspiring others to make their own changes to do better for the planet.

Our progress


We are 100% powered by renewable energy. As we grow, we will also have an increasing ability to influence suppliers to make changes to their own models for greater sustainability practices.

Nature first

We only use organic cotton in all of our cotton-based products. Organic cotton requires substantially less water, has a lower environmental footprint, and provides better welfare for those involved in growing it. No artifical pesticides and fertilisers also means local ecosystems have a greater opportunity to thrive, resulting in greater biodiversity. For more information on organic cotton, see here.

Waste (We hate it)

We only use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. All of our packaging is fully recyclable, and all paper-based content, including hang tags, is made from recycled materials. We look to reduce packaging and waste wherever possible, and we make products that are designed to be used over and over. We will also never make single-use products unless they are 100% biodegradable.