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Men's T-Shirt


Size cminches





70 50 21


72 53 22


74 56 23


76 59 24


27.6 19.7 8.5


28.3 20.9 8.8


29.1 22.0 9.1


29.9 23.2 9.4

Height is measured from the highest point on the garment (side of collar) to the bottom of the t-shirt.

Width is measured from armpit seam to armpit seam across the front of the garment.

Sleeve is measured from the top of the shoulder seam to the top end of the sleeve.

Still unsure between two sizes?
If you have a muscular or above-average sized chest:
  • Order the larger size for more of a looser-fitting comfort fit.
  • Order the smaller size for more of a tighter-fitting muscle fit.
If you have a regular or smaller chest:
  • Order the smaller size.

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To bring people closer to the natural world.

by bringing youVia the best equipment

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We are a group of outdoor lovers, on a crusade to make more people love and care for the natural world by showing just how great it is. We want our equipment, clothes and accessories to equip you on your outdoor adventures. We want our motivational and inspirational content to inspire you towards the most spectacular and breathtaking places on our planet. And we want our informative and educational content to further make people want to preserve the awesomeness of the outdoors.

Our core business values are listed below. We believe that our impact goes far beyond the products we make, and that we will only be able to continue to enjoy nature if we care for it. We therefore have our self-enforced Day 1 Principles aimed at improving our sustainability, which you can read more about here.

Core Value #1


Passion for what we do, for being creative and making the best products, for sharing our experiences with others, and for the natural world and its the preservation.

Core Value #2


Caring about our impacts on the planet, about other people, and the good we can do.

Core Value #3


Energy to ensure that we seize and create opportunities every day to increase our impact and to never grow tired of pursuing our goals.

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